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Flexible PCB

Flexible PCB

Ronak Circuits Pvt. Ltd. is specializes in high reliability flexible circuits for Medical Device, Medical Implant, Diagnostic Ultrasound, Telecommunications and Patient Monitoring applications.

Manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Adhesive less construction for thinner and more flexible circuits.
  • Additive processing for higher density circuits. Trace and space capabilities down to .0015" in production.
  • Micro via sizes down to .001" diameter for high density, 2-layer flex circuits.
  • Selective plating of gold and tin lead enables multiple attachment methods on the same flexible circuit.
  • Selective polyimide removal permits cantilevered and windowed leads.
  • Alternate circuit layer materials such as beryllium copper, stainless steel and cupronickel can be used for optimum performance in unique applications.
  • SMT and thru hole assembly services. Package sizes down to 0201 & .4mm pitch.

Flexible PCB is the best thing to choose when you opt to revamp your current design for a new project. It includes prominent features like Packaging, Reliability, Capabilities, and Cost Savings.

The flexibility of flex circuits is such that they can be shaped to fit where no other design can. A typical flex circuit board comprises a hybrid of ordinary printed circuit boards and round wire, complementing each other.

Flexible PCB’s are moisture resistance, aesthetic finish, high temperature tolerance and longer functional life.

  • Flexible circuit boards fit where no other solutions can.
  • Flexible circuit boards are thin and light weight which enables a substantial packaging size reduction.
  • They can be folded or creased and positioned into the smallest areas facilitating the miniaturization of many devices.