About us

We have 12+ years of experience in this industry.

Why Ronak Circuits?

  • We ensure "on time delivery" of our products
  • We adhere to international norms of quality
  • We offer products at very competitive prices
  • We have in-house facilities for design, prototyping, manufacturing and quality testing.
  • We give one to one consultation as well on each problem.

About Ronak Circuits

Ronak Circuits Pvt. Ltd. Is professional and reliable PCB supplier with own production. We are a leading PCB manufacturer in Gujarat, India. We are situated in Gandhinagar which is very near to business capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

Based on its rich experience and technology understanding, with own production capability and centralised resource locally, we are able to offer you onea€?stop service with small, medium to mass production with competitive terms, quality and delivery assurance that customised all your request.

Our extensive PCB product portfolio offers from conventional FR4, Aluminium PCB, FPC, Rigida€?Flex PCB, heavy copper, long board, thin board and other exotic PCBs in standard delivery time and quicka€?turn service.

Besides, we have a professional and wella€?experienced technical team to support you value added service of PCBA SMT and BOM sourcing .We can support for smalla€?mediuma€?mass production flexibly with fast response and professional service. We have reached at level of expertise by achieving many milestones in CAD design, Circuit Design, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design and production services. Our modern factories equipped with latest high end precision machines are capable of design the PCBs as per the customer's requirements. We are supplying our products to various industries like Automotive, Electronics, Industrial control systems etc. We are open to manufacture PCBs as per the customer's design and quality need. We also consult to customers for best PCBs for their product.

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